for love & lemons

for love & lemons is hands down my favorite collection for fall 2011.

designed by inspirational women: gillian mahin and laura hall FOR inspirational women.

(i mean seriously, how cute are they?!)

 “designs created while daydreaming-for the lovers, fighters, bold, free-spirited, controversial, scandelous, adventurous, fearless, audacious, lively, soulful, divine, wild, intelligent, charming, captivating, alluring, seductive, sweet, glamorous, creative, magnetizing, free-thinker, eccentric, quirky………”

be captivated.

shop the collection here


just another manic monday

here’s your weekly dose of Jeffrey Campbell’s,

trying to make your monday a little less manic.

dream on, shoe lovers. dream, on.

interested in spending your paycheck?

shop jeffrey campbell here

yikes, spikes

fall fashion meets function with sam edelman.

I am drooling over the fall collection (with a few spring/summer pieces thrown in).

sam edelman, you’ve done it again. thank you.


“adena” (these are next on my shopping list)


“beatrix” (just got these, I love them)

side note: if you find yourself in a case of ‘stranger danger,’  just kick em’ with beatrix where it hurts.

“lorissa” (very back-heavy, so they’re a tad hard to walk in. but, WELL worth it)