for love & lemons

for love & lemons is hands down my favorite collection for fall 2011.

designed by inspirational women: gillian mahin and laura hall FOR inspirational women.

(i mean seriously, how cute are they?!)

 “designs created while daydreaming-for the lovers, fighters, bold, free-spirited, controversial, scandelous, adventurous, fearless, audacious, lively, soulful, divine, wild, intelligent, charming, captivating, alluring, seductive, sweet, glamorous, creative, magnetizing, free-thinker, eccentric, quirky………”

be captivated.

shop the collection here


lucy hale

lucy hale is adorable, i am smitten with her.

“being pretty is about embracing what makes you unique. it’s about being confident in the exact way you were made – because you are the way you are for a reason,” says hale.

could not have said it any better.

she nails (no pun intended) the sweet sexy naughty badass vibe flawlessly.

i lykke

not only is Lykke Li one of my favorite singers of all-time,

but she’s quite the little fashion cat herself.

raised in stockholm & now living in brooklyn, she’s created quite a unique sound & wardrobe for herself.

how adorable is she?

she’s quite the talented maven, who can not only sing flawlessly, but can play synth, violin, trumpet, sax, cello & tambourine!

listen to my favorite song of her’s from her debut album, youth novels.