for love & lemons

for love & lemons is hands down my favorite collection for fall 2011.

designed by inspirational women: gillian mahin and laura hall FOR inspirational women.

(i mean seriously, how cute are they?!)

 “designs created while daydreaming-for the lovers, fighters, bold, free-spirited, controversial, scandelous, adventurous, fearless, audacious, lively, soulful, divine, wild, intelligent, charming, captivating, alluring, seductive, sweet, glamorous, creative, magnetizing, free-thinker, eccentric, quirky………”

be captivated.

shop the collection here


lucy hale

lucy hale is adorable, i am smitten with her.

“being pretty is about embracing what makes you unique. it’s about being confident in the exact way you were made – because you are the way you are for a reason,” says hale.

could not have said it any better.

she nails (no pun intended) the sweet sexy naughty badass vibe flawlessly.

nasty wednesday

this is my favorite new tradition!

every wednesday needs a little nasty gal inspiration.

get your own nasty styles here

happy hump day!

i am seriously in love with their models, how amazing are these girls?!


i lykke

not only is Lykke Li one of my favorite singers of all-time,

but she’s quite the little fashion cat herself.

raised in stockholm & now living in brooklyn, she’s created quite a unique sound & wardrobe for herself.

how adorable is she?

she’s quite the talented maven, who can not only sing flawlessly, but can play synth, violin, trumpet, sax, cello & tambourine!

listen to my favorite song of her’s from her debut album, youth novels.



gif.fy lips

gif.fy magic

gif.fy snapshots

gif.fy love


just another manic monday

here’s your weekly dose of Jeffrey Campbell’s,

trying to make your monday a little less manic.

dream on, shoe lovers. dream, on.

interested in spending your paycheck?

shop jeffrey campbell here



I love that Chanel & Blake Lively teamed up.

this is my favorite collaboration of designer & model, the absolute perfect mix of class & style.

to die for.